What is the Resource Management Unit?

The Resource Management Unit is an initiative that was born in the Valparaíso region with the purpose of linking Serpaj Chile with different public-private entities through corporate social responsibility. With the objective of creating new alternatives for private institutions to help the community, Serpaj has helped to recognize and validate the connection between the public and private sectors while reestablishing the institution as a champion of human rights and rights for children and youth.

Service, Peace and Justice Foundation (Serpaj Chile) is a private, nonprofit corporation that works throughout the country from the Arica region to the extreme south in the Aysén region. Its work focuses on intervention and the restitution of rights for children, youth, and families whose rights have been violated.

SERPAJ oversees over ninety children’s rights programs including kindergartens, nurseries, focused prevention programs, specialized intervention programs, and programs that combat sexual exploitation. It also runs over twenty outpatient and residential treatment centers for problematic drug use.

With input from from private entities, Serpaj Chile seeks to maximize the political and strategic agenda of the organization and carry out its message of peace education, non-violent conflict resolution, and respect for human rights.