Children’s Rights Unit

The Children’s Rights Unit is in charge of managing the implementation of quality social service interventions. These interventions foster the conditions for the exercise and enjoyment of rights of more than four thousand children and youth, supporting their families and communities in twelve regions of the country.

We operate more than ninety social and educational programs with twenty distinct methods and are financed by various state entities including The National Service for Minors (Servicio Nacional de Menores), The National Board of Kindergarten Classrooms (Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles), and The Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educación de Chile). A collaboration of over ten years, our partnership with these groups has distinguished us as an organization committed to seriousness, responsibility, and integrity in the implementation of programs for children and youth.

Our programs are characterized by the ongoing search for coherence between the actions and approaches of Education for Peace and Human Rights: putting the best interest of the child or young person at the heart of what we do and promoting their participation throughout the intervention process.

Regarding this with utmost importance, we deploy a series of strategies to restore the rights of the vulnerable, reinterpret experiences of violation, strengthen personal, familial, and community resources, and overcome the cultural, economic, and social consequences provoked by violence.