The entities that currently support the work of our organization are the following:

1. Doctor Simi Pharmacies (Farmacias del Doctor Simi)

In February of 2014, Doctor Simi Pharmacies gave a donation in collaboration with the Drugs Unit and the Kindergarten and Nursery program “Porteñitos por la Paz

2. Limanche Family Pharmacies (Farmacias Familiares de Limache)

Limanche Family Pharmacies signed an agreement with the Drugs Unit at the national level, permitting a reduction in the price of medication for both residential and outpatient treatment centers.

3. Valparaíso Port Company (Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso—EPV)

Valparaíso Port Company provides a corporate loan to Serpaj, forming the infrastructure for the Kindergarten and Nursery “Porteñitos por la Paz.” With the support of Valparaíso Port Company (EPV), the kindergarten began in May of 2006, serving vulnerable infants and toddlers.